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When you are publishing online content, whether it be for a marketer or a news outlet, you are expected to deliver strong content that comes from reliable and credible sources.  The recent fad of fake news has taken the internet by storm and netizens are seriously doubting whether to trust anything they come across on the web.  Of course, aside from big names such as CNN, BBC, you must tread lightly to avoid the misleading pretend-news sites that are out there on the web.

Back on track, regular published articles are a huge plus.  Subscribers will expect news from you at least every other day.  If you are unable to show up for some reason, you should at least make aware of your whereabouts on your social media outlets.  Your followers will thank you for it.

Can you really trust search engine optimization experts?  They come across as knowing exactly how to get you on first page.  But can they?  Where are those websites they have supposedly have ranked themselves.  Shouldn’t they be able to produce a portfolio of their recent “work”?  This is why you should know be in the know-how when it comes to selecting SEO specialists in this day and age.  Many self-claiming gurus are searching for their next clients by taking advantage of their lack of knowledge in the field and making ambitious promises based on weak established proof.

Without a doubt, a strong effective SEO agency are difficult to come by and when they do, be sure not to let one slip past your fingers.  The profitable benefits of hiring an effective digital marketer is enormous.  Once sitting on page two, your business can reap the benefits of at least 40% organic search traffic.  Sure you can pay Google for their paid-ads, but you are sharing that space with numerous other businesses, whereas, the top 3 on the SERP usually take on the majority of the search engine traffic.

It is an important decision to choose an effective digital marketer, nonetheless, make sure to go through your checklist.

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